Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners, LLC

Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners, LLC is a private equity investment firm focused on investing in commercial stage healthcare companies. Our target investments include start-ups being formed around carve-outs and existing companies in need of growth capital or restructuring. Our principals have extensive track records as operators in healthcare, and therefore we prefer to focus on opportunities where we can add value in addition to a capital commitment. Our investment team follows a careful, proven process that begins with the identification of underutilized assets with unrealized potential. At Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners we can leverage our capital and operating experience to work with management teams to unlock value, grow their companies and position them for a range of future strategic options.

At Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners, we look to work with existing companies that need growth capital or work with proven operators and help them grow. If you fit these criteria, we invite you to submit a business plan.

Investment Thesis

Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners provides financial and intellectual capital to commercial stage healthcare companies with products with growth potential that make a significant impact on patients' lives.

Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners, where untapped medical potential and private equity intersect.

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