Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners, LLC


Active Protective
Active Protective has developed a wearable airbag system that can prevent hip fractures in the elderly

Covis Pharma
Covis Pharma is a specialty pharmaceutical company with products treating various serious diseases ranging from congestive heart failure to prostate cancer.

Curaseal has developed a novel family of medical devices to treat various GI fistulas.

PhotoSonix Medical, Inc.
PhotoSonix Medical is developing CLENS™ (Coincident Light Energy and Non-focused ultraSound), a novel energy-based therapy which synergistically combines light and ultrasound to treat chronic bacterial infections known as biofilms.

Princeton Biopharma, LLC
Princeton Biopharma is a socially responsible pharmaceutical company with the mission of providing patients greater choice of effective, affordable therapeutics.

Princeton Biopharma Capital Partners, LLC, is constantly exploring new opportunities, and is currently in discussions with a number of interested parties in the healthcare and financial communities. If you have an opportunity you wish to pursue, please submit a business plan, and we will be happy to follow-up.